Jeff Timmons Of 98 Degrees Discusses His Upcoming Projects

Jeff Timmons Of 98 Degrees Discusses His Upcoming Projects

TheSocial.ca: Six questions with Jeff Timmons



“As part of the 90s mega-group 98 Degrees, Jeff Timmons knows how to put on a good show for the ladies. Now, he’s using his singing and dancing skills to host and produce a reality male stripper movie called Men of the Strip.

We caught up with him in The Social’s green room, where he talked about his parents’ reaction to the movie, pizza (apologies to his half-eaten salad that was sitting nearby) and which tour mate he would cast as a man of the strip.” READ MORE…

TooFab.com: Jeff Timmons Talks “Men of the Strip,” 98 Degrees & Boy Band Rivalries!


“Things are about to get extra hot around here, just in time for summer!

From Chippendales to “Magic Mike,” the chiseled hunks of male revue shows have long been captivating female audiences worldwide. E! turns the cameras on the “Men of the Strip,” a new Las Vegas male revue featuring 98 Degrees star Jeff Timmons.

In the two-hour special, debuting June 1, Timmons teams up with entrepreneur “Money” Mike Foland and choreographer Glenn Douglas Packard to prep a group of hard-bodied studs for their big Sin City debut.

toofab’s Rachel Hofffman sat down with Jeff to get the scoop on everything from the guys behind “Men of the Strip,” the future of 98 Degrees and his biggest boy band rivals.

We’ve heard the show is a mixture of “Magic Mike” and your favorite boy band, but Timmons said he actually likes the “Sex and the City” aspect.” READ MORE…

USWeekly.com: Men of the Strip: 98 Degrees Alum Jeff Timmons Previews Las Vegas Reality Movie With Hunky, Shirtless Strippers

“Magic Mike is coming to the small screen! For Jeff Timmons, helping to create a new male dancer-stripper revue in Las Vegas was an easy decision. The former 98 Degrees singer dropped by Us Weekly’s NYC headquarters recently with his shirtless (!) stripper pals Keith Webb and Kyle Efthemes to preview their upcoming reality movie event, Men of the Strip.

“The thing that fascinated me about being a part of this was the guys and the behind-the-scenes aspects of their lives. What they do, how they interact, how their families interact, what people think,” Timmons, 41, told Us of joining the crew. “Some of the pre-conceived ideas you have that are associated with the male revue—once you see the show, those go out the window.”

The trio went into detail about the ladies that come to have a good time at their Las Vegas shows, but Webb admitted he’s got a specific No. 1 fan—his mom. “She’s very proud,” he said. ‘But my grandparents are like devoted Christians—my brother’s a pastor and he hasn’t even seen [the show].”  WATCH


EOnline.com: Sexy Body Parts, Biggest Turn-Ons, Hobbies and More—The Men of the Strip Reveal Their Favorite Things!

“They’re good-looking guys with fun personalities and serious performance skills, but there’s a lot more to the Men of the Strip than washboard abs and good dance moves.

When they’re not traveling the world and performing onstage with their all-male ensemble, these guys have their own sets of interests and hobbies that they like to pursue. Latin lover Joel Sajiun loves to play the guira, a percussion instrument from his native Dominican Republic, while Kyle Efthemes (aka Lady Killer) enjoys nothing more than a good sunset and a round of relaxing meditation.
We also got the guys to share their biggest turn-ons with us, as well as what they each consider to be the sexiest part of a woman. And the answers will definitely surprise you!” READ MORE…


WetPaint.com: Jeff Timmons Compares Men of the Strip to His 98 Degrees Boy Band Days (VIDEO) — Exclusive

“Be honest: Your favorite part of the boy band boom of the late ‘90s was the eye candy. Sure, the music was fun, but did you see the muscles on those dudes? 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons gets it, and he’s tapped into that for his new all-male revue show featured on E!’s upcoming reality TV special Men of the Strip.

Wetpaint Entertainment was lucky enough to have Jeff and two of the hunks from his troupe (think Magic Mike with dancing and singing), Keith Webb and Kyle Efthemes, stop by our office recently. The former pop star dished on how the Vegas-based show is like a boy band — and what his 98 Degrees bandmates (cough, Nick Lachey) think of it all.” READ MORE…

People.com: Jeff Timmons Says Being Surrounded by Male Strippers Isn’t Always Pretty


“What happens when you get a bunch of testosterone-addled alpha males together on a tour bus?

Jeff Timmons knows the answer – and it isn’t always pretty.

But the singer, 41, is not talking about his time with boy band 98 Degrees. He’s talking about Men of the Strip, a Magic Mike-style male revue that he co-created.

Like all male revues, the performers have chiseled abs and revealing costumes. But unlike many shows of its type, Timmons requires that the dancers can sing, as well.

Earlier this year, the group of eight guys embarked on a 42-city nationwide tour. To hear Timmons talk about it, the experience was like being in a frat house on wheels.

“So I was on a cramped tour bus with a bunch of burly dudes,” Timmons, who has a stripper-ready body himself these days, says with a laugh. ” READ MORE…


EOnline.com: 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons Dishes That Men of the Strip Is Like Magic Mike Mixed With Sexy and the City

“Jeff Timmons, founding member of 98 Degrees and co-creator of Men of the Strip, was originally skeptical when he was asked to be a host/guest MC for Chippendales in Las Vegas, but with his wife Amanda’s encouragement, he gave it a shot and ended up forming his own all-male revue, which he admits was one of the best decisions he’s made in his career.

“I thought with the boy band element peppered in-between, it would be a big success,” Jeff explained. “We broke box office records in Vegas and I thought, ‘What if we do this more mainstream, step up the production, hype it up a lot more, utilize our resources and draw attention to this sexy taboo brand?'”

After holding casting calls in four major cities and auditioning hundreds of guys, Jeff, along with Glenn Douglas Packard and Mike Foland, set out to create an ensemble performance that was much more audience-friendly and focused on more than just looks—charisma, talent and personality all come into play.

“You can expect the unexpected,” Jeff said of the upcoming two-hour E! special. “It’s like Magic Mike with elements of Sex and the City: the guys’ personal lives, they’re fighting to be the best at what they can do, but at the end of the day, they’re family.”

When asked about his future vision for Men of the Strip, Jeff pointed out that they’ve accomplished their first step but still have a ways to go.

“This is the first step, getting the guys into mainstream,” he explained. “We plan on taking these guys worldwide. I think that this could definitely be a worldwide brand and a phenomenon and hopefully it will transpire like that.”

When asked about his secret to maintaining a hot body, Jeff said, “It’s more about diet than anything. I do everything from free weights to yoga to meditation. You’ve got to use all the bells and whistles, and I’m doing everything I can to keep up with these guys but I’m trying to hold my own.” READ MORE…

KTLA Morning News: Jeff Timmons Explains What it is Like to Work in the Male Revue

“Jeff Timmons talks all about ‘Men of the Strip’ an E! two-hour reality movie about the personal and professional lives of male strippers. This segment aired Thursday May 29, 2014.” SEE MORE…


OKMagazine.com: E!’s Men of the Strip Show You How To Turn Your Man Into a Magic Mike

“Hot dudes? Check. Sexy dancing? Check. Two hours of it on E! this weekend? Double check! In honor of their reality movie event airing this weekend, host Jeff Timmons and stars of Men of the Strip stopped by the OKMagazine.com offices to show off their moves, bodies and more.
Check out the video above where Keith and Kyle teach a few brave guys from the office how to become Magic Mikes. They show them all the moves they perform on stage, so watch out Channing!
Plus the guys explain how they handle a rowdy gal or two in the crowd and why ladies should always wear their sexy jeans and not a skirt when they come to a Men of the Strip show. Fine with us, as long as these guys promise to wear as few clothes as possible!” READ MORE…

Raaannt.com: E!’s Men of the Strip’s Glenn Douglas Packard’s Big Secret!

“Aaahhh the heat of summer has glistened our skin and we couldn’t be happier! With that comes a new, uber sexy series of E!, Men of the Strip. And this time is not just designer shoes and dresses… is hot bods, oiled abbs, and firm butts…on MEN!!! On Sunday June 1 at 10pm ET/PT E!’s all-new reality movie Men of the Strip takes us into the dressing rooms and lives of the Men of the Strip! We had the chance to chat with Glenn Douglas Packard, one of the stars of the show, about his life, the show and what E! fans should expect! Check out what he had to say!” READ MORE…


On GossipDavid.com

“E! is gearing up the Sunday, June 1 (10 pm ET/PT) series premiere of the steamy docusoap Men of The Strip, which follows the Las Vegas revue of the same name, and the brainchild of 98 Degrees alum Jeff Timmons, Emmy-nominated choreographer Glenn Douglas Packard (who worked with Michael Jackson), and entertainment entrepreneur ‘Money Mike’ Foland.”


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ManhattanDigest.com has some pretty juicy questions for Jeff Timmons about Men of the Strip, 98 Degrees, their reality docu-series, and the craziest thing they’ve seen so far on the Men of the Strip tour. Read on!

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