EOnline.com: 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons Dishes That Men of the Strip Is Like Magic Mike Mixed With Sexy and the City

“Jeff Timmons, founding member of 98 Degrees and co-creator of Men of the Strip, was originally skeptical when he was asked to be a host/guest MC for Chippendales in Las Vegas, but with his wife Amanda’s encouragement, he gave it a shot and ended up forming his own all-male revue, which he admits was one of the best decisions he’s made in his career.

“I thought with the boy band element peppered in-between, it would be a big success,” Jeff explained. “We broke box office records in Vegas and I thought, ‘What if we do this more mainstream, step up the production, hype it up a lot more, utilize our resources and draw attention to this sexy taboo brand?'”

After holding casting calls in four major cities and auditioning hundreds of guys, Jeff, along with Glenn Douglas Packard and Mike Foland, set out to create an ensemble performance that was much more audience-friendly and focused on more than just looks—charisma, talent and personality all come into play.

“You can expect the unexpected,” Jeff said of the upcoming two-hour E! special. “It’s like Magic Mike with elements of Sex and the City: the guys’ personal lives, they’re fighting to be the best at what they can do, but at the end of the day, they’re family.”

When asked about his future vision for Men of the Strip, Jeff pointed out that they’ve accomplished their first step but still have a ways to go.

“This is the first step, getting the guys into mainstream,” he explained. “We plan on taking these guys worldwide. I think that this could definitely be a worldwide brand and a phenomenon and hopefully it will transpire like that.”

When asked about his secret to maintaining a hot body, Jeff said, “It’s more about diet than anything. I do everything from free weights to yoga to meditation. You’ve got to use all the bells and whistles, and I’m doing everything I can to keep up with these guys but I’m trying to hold my own.” READ MORE…