Name: Mike Foland

Birthday: August 26

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

Hobbies: Fishing, diving, hiking, and boating

Nicknames you go by: Money Mike and Forty

What is your favorite food and color?
Food: Italian
Color: Blue

Where did you grow up?
I was raised in Arizona and started wrestling at the age of 7. I moved to Florida and turned my wrestling career into a professional MMA career. Around age 20, I moved to the fight capital of the world (Las Vegas) to pursue my professional fight career. While fighting I met a good friend who was in the entertainment industry and decided to try out the entertainment life. While working in the entertainment world I saw the pros and cons and knew if I were to build something I could make it work better.

What inspired you about Men of the Strip?
I realized that women love to come to Las Vegas to be
entertained by sexy men with talent. There are a few well-known
shows out here but none that go above and beyond utilizing the
raw talent that some of the men have. I have been in the industry
for quite some time and knew that all the experience I had could
mean big business potential.

What is the ultimate dream for you with Men of the Strip?
My ultimate dream is creating a worldwide brand and taking
over the industry.

What is the biggest influence in your life?
The biggest influence in my life is being successful.