People.com: Jeff Timmons Says Being Surrounded by Male Strippers Isn’t Always Pretty


“What happens when you get a bunch of testosterone-addled alpha males together on a tour bus?

Jeff Timmons knows the answer – and it isn’t always pretty.

But the singer, 41, is not talking about his time with boy band 98 Degrees. He’s talking about Men of the Strip, a Magic Mike-style male revue that he co-created.

Like all male revues, the performers have chiseled abs and revealing costumes. But unlike many shows of its type, Timmons requires that the dancers can sing, as well.

Earlier this year, the group of eight guys embarked on a 42-city nationwide tour. To hear Timmons talk about it, the experience was like being in a frat house on wheels.

“So I was on a cramped tour bus with a bunch of burly dudes,” Timmons, who has a stripper-ready body himself these days, says with a laugh. ” READ MORE…