Xfinity.com: “Men Of The Strip” Sets Out To Redefine the All-Male Revue In New Docu-Soap Movie on E!

“Ever since the huge success of Channing Tatum shaking his groove thing in “Magic Mike” hit the big screen two summers ago, the fascination with all-male revues have escalated with hot shows in Vegas like The Chippendales and Thunder Down Under. (Case in point, watch for “Magic Mike 2” next year in theaters)

But Emmy-nominated choreographer Glenn Douglas Packard is planning on taking the all-male revue to new heights and a new 2-hour docu-soap airs tonight on the E! network, “Men Of The Strip.”

In the film, Packard, along with former 98 Degrees singer Jeff Timmons and entrepreneur “Money Mike” Foland, went on the hunt for the perfect group of guys to build a new kind of strip show. I talked to Packard last week to find out how the show will be different from the others, what makes the perfect male dancer and whether it’s safe to assume most of the dancers are gay. Here are five things I learned about what we’ll see in the project.” READ MORE…